Who We Are

Here at Dumbocart we are a friendly bunch of hardworking people who love selling best quality products safely and cheaply for the customers. It's obvious that you may have confuse that what 'product' mentioned above is.
Yes, we deals with ornamental fishes and other aquarium related products.


Answer is simple, 'Unique & Beautiful'. Aquarium is one of the major thing which makes your home more attractive and also a major time spending zone for every fish lover. So, how can you make it more beautiful and unique? and that is why 'Dumbocart. We provide wide varieties of rare fish breeds that you often can't find on local websites or in stores with high quality at maximum less price tag. Some of our collections include various high breed guppies(both imported and home breeded), fancy bettas/fighter fishes, Gold fishes, koi carps and shrimps. We also deal with various indoor and outdoor aquatic plants with reasonable price.


Our mission is to provide you access to high quality products you can't easily find on other online sites/ local stores at reasonable price. We have years of experience in this field So, you can feel confident in dealing with a business who really cares about the quality and service.


We have wide varieties of aquatic life which includes fishes, aquatic plants, fish food, and various aquarium related products. We keep updating our product list whenever a new variety is developed.


We have been in this business for years and we know what a good customer service looks like. We do follow a lot of steps before handing over the ordered product to you. It includes best of care, quality check, safe packing and a better transit.

How this platform

The idea of this company came from one simple question, 'How to provide our quality products easily and directly to customers?'
As we have years of experience in ornamental fish breeding and the wide varieties we have nowadays, we finally decided to make it available for every fish lover through Dumbocart.
We know Dumbocart will be a new experience for all the fish lovers because of the attention we give for every customer and the care provide for each products.

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